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5 tips for dancers to safely follow their dance classes.

This article covers easy to do tips for dancers who want to experience their dance classes to the fullest. Obviously, you can go in for your class and just see what happens, but with a little bit more thought you can get even more out of your dancing experience. Let’s see. Warm up and small…
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29 november 2020 0

Practicing ballet at home.

Now that a lot of us are staying at home, for a good cause I might add, what are your possibilities in practicing ballet at home by yourself? Let’s look at it together! Take online classes from your own school or studio. If you are attached to a ballet school as a student, then the…
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11 mei 2020 0

Did you know?

See the amount of balletmaterial we deliver and on what platforms.

26 maart 2020 0

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