Did you know?

Did you know?

7 januari 2022 Tips for dancers. 0

Did you know that we offer this:

-You can visit our Balletconsultant YouTube Channel for free ballet tutorials and dance along:

Go ahead and subscribe the channel so you will receive notifications when we post a new video.

Check out our Ballerina Layla books. Copyright Balletstudio Violetta.

Our Ballerina Layla books.

Layla goes to ballet class is a beautifully illustrated story book for small children and their family and friends. Join Layla on her very first visit at Miss Zoeys danceschool as she gets her very first ballet class.

Learn ballet with Miss Zoey is an illustrated handy textbook with pointers and explanation about the basis of ballet. Suitable for kids up to 8 years old and their family. Nice to have before you start taking up ballet classes.

Both books are available on Amazon.com, Wallmart.com and Barnes&Noble.com. But more bookshops did pick up our books, so go ahead and google the titles to find your best shop to order.

Online ballet training.

-There is also the option of one on one ballet training via Teams, Zoom or Skype.

I have been teaching and coaching online very successfully since 2018. Let me know if you wish to set this up.

I look forward working with you!

Greetings, Anne-Marie