Practicing ballet at home.

Practicing ballet at home.

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Now that a lot of us are staying at home, for a good cause I might add, what are your possibilities in practicing ballet at home by yourself?

Let’s look at it together!

  • Take online classes from your own school or studio.

If you are attached to a ballet school as a student, then the obvious thing to do is follow their online classes. Chances are very high that your own school switched to online via a platform like Zoom. Research showed that 8 out of 10 ballet schools made the switch, so they would be able to continue offering classes to their students.

This option will cost you money, but keep in mind that your ballet school and teachers are working very hard and this is their profession. So, if you want good feedback, the same professionality you come to love from them, and you wish to support your studio, then please take these classes.

Because we all hope that all businesses will still be there, after a few months lockdown, but without the support of clients nothing is sure. So please, consider this before you cancel your subscription because they are unable to give you live classes. Naturally, you have to consider your own budget and the quality of classes being given.

  • Online classes on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy

You can go visit online learning platforms like Skillshare and Udemy to take up ballet courses and classes. You can subscribe to a platform and have access to courses through a monthly payment.

I have started teaching a ballet course for absolute beginners on Skillshare. The first 2 classes are up. In these classes, I explain what you need to start, how to stand, which muscles to engage. I teach you how to breathe as a dancer. And I teach you the basic feet- and arm positions that we use in the Russian Vaganova method. Do you wish to check it out?

Every student who signs up using my referral link gets 2 free months of Premium.

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  • Online classes on YouTube.

Obviously you can also go to YouTube and find tons of barres, centres, classes and tutorials for free. I will give you a few recommendations.

Nationale Ballet en Opera/ National Ballet and Opera (the Netherlands)

Kathryn Morgan.
Soloist with Miami City Ballet and a former soloist with the New York City Ballet.

Sarah Arnold, former professional ballet dancer and teacher for 30 years.

  • Bonus tip: Try our own YouTube Channel BalletConsultant.

Have fun!

And if you have any questions or just wish to have a nice conversation about ballet, don’t hesitate to sent a message!



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