Did you know?

Did you know?

26 maart 2020 Geen categorie 0

Did you know that we offer this:

-You can visit our Balletconsultant YouTube Channel for free ballet tutorials and dance along:

Go ahead and subscribe the channel so you will receive notifications when we post a new video.

-If you like the material, then I would like to ask you to consider becoming a Patron and support the making of more material:

-And we are on Skillshare:

Every student who signs up using this referral link gets 2 free months of Premium!

At this time there are 2 classes for beginners, I am working on classes for intermediate/advanced. This will, hopefully be ready and uploaded in the beginning of next week.

-There is also the option of one on one ballet training via Skype.

Book a ballet coaching session via Skype.

I have been teaching and coaching via Skype very successfully for 2 years now. Let me know if you wish to set this up.

So, options to practice ballet at home.
Hope there is something to your liking.
And should you start with me, you are more then welcome to sent messages for feedback and extra explanations for exercises.

I look forward working with you!

Greetings, Anne-Marie


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