-You are buying either a full course or 1 class (12,50 euro) at a time.


-Payment for the classes will be at the start of the course.

You can pay by banktransfer to the balletstudio (NL31 INGB 0007 1220 75 with name Balletstudio Violetta). You can pay by pincard or with cash on location.


-Should you decide to buy 1 class at the time, then you can pay by banktransfer to the studio (NL31 INGB 0007 1220 75 with name Balletstudio Violetta). Or you can pay by pincard or cash on location.


-Missing classes due to own doing (own vacations, sickness, a birthday o.e.) is your own responsibility. There is no deduction or refund of classtuition.


-We do not provide free trial classes, as we offer short courses.


-If there is a samelike class on the weekly schedule, it is sometimes possible to take this class instead of your own class, that week. Discuss this with management. This is an extra service and not regular. Missed classes can not be taken in the next term and obviously not in the next season.


-The teacherstaff do not have permission by management to make decisions and agreements with clients on classtuition or refunds. Clients need to speak about this with management only. Do you have a question? Please direct this to


-Payment for the courses needs to be payed before class nr. 3. Failure to pay will result to being denied access to the rest of the classes.


-Refunding of already payed classtuition is only possible in the following situations:


1. Management has the right to cancel a course when there are less than four students. In this case the rest of the classtuition will be refunded to the student that allready payed.

2. Management will seek good substitution in case the regular teacher falls ill. When management fails, the student will be informed about this and the student will receive money back for that particular missed class.

3. Cancellation of the course because of a teacher no-show and not finding a replacement teacher. Classtuition that has already been payed will be refunded.


-It is not allowed to sit in at the classes without permission of management.


-The client is obliged to inform management of medical conditions, relevant to being able to take a danceclass responsibly and safe.


-The balletstudio and its teachers are in no way responsible for injuries obtained before, during or after class. Participating in a groupdanceclass is at your own risc and responsibility.


-Missing classes due to serious medical reasons (broken bones, langterm illness or injury), may result in obsolution of the rest of allready payed classtuition. Management will discuss this with the student.


-Management has the right to cancel a contract with a client if they find necessary.


-During class teachers, management may take pictures and videos.These will be used as educational/study material for the students and for advertisement purposes on the website, social media and newsarticles. Clients who object against usage of image material made by the studio, can object in writing via e-mail at

We can and will not control and be responsible for the material of third parties.

We trust that you will understand others wishes not to be on social media and behave accordingly and responsibly. Thank you in advance.


-It is not permitted to eat, drink or smoke in the classroom. Also it is not permitted to smoke in the hall, dressing area or toilet.


-Clients are obliged to pay and/or replace any damaged goods/property by their fault of the balletstudio or the locations were the classes are.


-Please, before taking class put long hair up in a balletbun and shorter hair in a ponytail or braid. Keep the neckline free and hair out of the eyes.


-No chewinggum, big earrings, necklaces or bracelets during class.


-Balletstudio Violetta and her teachers are in no way responsible for damage/ theft/loss of personal belongings and physical injuries. Participating at a groupclass on location is entirely at your own risc and responsibility.


-Let us know your will miss class or tell you are sick via, via whats app 06-18352530 or messenger.


November 2018 Copyright Balletstudio Violetta