Balletlessen voor kinderen geven we bij Dans- en Balletstudio Violetta






Balletclasses in the Hague

7-class course: tuesdays september 4, 11, 18, 25, october 2, 9  and 16 = 75 euro

Single class fee = 12,50 euro

Classtime: 19.00-20.15 hours

Location: Archipel Studio, Malakkastraat 152, den Haag





Balletclasses in Amsterdam

7-class course: thursdays september 6, 13, 20, 27, october 4, 11 and 18 = 75 euro

Single class fee = 12,50 euro

Classtime : 11.00-12.15 hours

Location: Studio 95, Tussen de bogen 95, Amsterdam

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Contemporary dance


We dance lyrical and dynamic at contemporary dance. We listen to the text of songs we dance to and make choreography's. Goed posture, lean muscles and musicality are important. Contemporary dance knows many styles, which we will get to know. We dance to pop, jazz, world and classical music. Movements are free and through all layers of heights and depths.


There is a summerstop at this moment. Classes start in september.


Fit worden? Volg pilateslessen bij Dans- en Balletstudio Violetta in Ridderkerk



Bodyharmony is a combination of yoga- and pilatesexcercises. You will do excercises and stretches for 45 minuts for lean muscles and realxed joints. You will do this standing, sitting and laying down. Sometimes with music. After class you will feel revigorated and relaxed.

There is a summerstop. Classes will start in september.