Privacystatement Balletstudio Violetta


Balletstudio Violetta respects the privacy of all users of her site. We take the utmost care of handling personal information confidentially.

Balletstudio Violetta does not sell your personal data to tird parties.


Balletstudio Violetta uses the collected data of her clients for the following means:

  • We will inform you with a newsletter about developments about Ballestudio Violetta, special offers and events. We wil do this with your explicit concent. There will be a hyperlink in all newsletters where you can simply sign off at any moment. We use Mailchimp, see 
  • ​We use your data to make invoicing easier and swift. We do this by using Moneybird. See
  • When you respond to an offer, we wil ask you for your name, adres and e-mail.We will use this data to carry out the offer, announce winners of contests and measure the respons to our marketingactions.
  • ​Your phonenumber will be stored on the business telephone of management. This way we will use What'sApp, SMS or telephone you with information and   last-minute changes about classses.
  • ​E-mail adressen will be stored in Outlook on the laptop of management, to communicate via e-mail to our clients. See


Personal data is secure at Balletstudio Violetta. 


The physical folder with paper subscriptionforms is at the office of management.Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our clients data, should they come in contact with it.

​Electronic files or on the laptop of management, which is secured.

Duration of storage


Data of clients who are no longer commited to Violetta will be removed from the physical and electronic folders. Your data will be stored as long as you remain a client.




Cookies are little bits of information which are stored by your browser on your computer.Balletstudio Violetta uses cookies to recognize you on your next visit. Cookies help us collect information about the use of our services and be able to improve to the wishes of our clients. Our cookies give information about personal identification. Obviously you can set up your browser so that you will not receive cookies from Balletstudio Violetta.


Client rights

We would like to inform you or your right to deposit a complaint at the Authority of Personal Data. You also have the right to take back your permission at any time, you have the right to look into your data, rectify or ask for removal of your personal data.


In case our Privacystatement needs adjustments, you will find the most recent information on this page.


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